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Sunday, April 29, 2007 

Colangelo is disgraced

so the spineless Raptors go down in a heap (not so ironically) like roadkill and what bothered me was that an ugly game didn't get uglier.

Not sure if you follow me but...

Sam Mitchell's award got in the way of giving the Raptors a playoff identity as they rolled over early in the game and whimpered away like a dog beaten just too routinely

the coach of the year's cred has skyrocketed because of the turnaround Toronto showed during the regular season and he was awarded that honor in just fashion but one could argue that had he not been bestowed the distinction he may / should have sent out a goon for the same attention.

instead it's off to face elimination (or Siberia to help Ghearardini to look for another euro-import)

and still nobody is scared of the fightless Raptors

Thursday, January 04, 2007 

Awards for December




Monday, January 01, 2007 

O'Bryant and James White sent down to NBDL

  • with the return of Troy Murphy coach Nellie has sent rookie Patrick O'Bryant down to the NBDL (Bakersfield Jam)

  • after basically spending his time on the practice squad the human highlight film and prospect James White was reassigned to the Austin Toros of the

Sunday, December 31, 2006 

JRich breaks hand

Jason Richardson, who has been nothing like last year's player is set to go back on the disabled list after beaking his hand (kicked by Pietrus as he was jumping for block) in a loss to the Sacaramento Kings. The latest setback should sideline him for about two months and will give him ample to recuperate from the arthroscopic surgery that has hindered him since the beginning of the season.


Gerald Wallace crushed by flying Foster

Well Gerald Wallace must've been fearing a rematch with the Pacers, if you can remember it was a hard foul by Danny Granger that gave him a concussion early in the season from which point he never seemed to play as aggressively. Slowly coming back into form of late (28pts & 40pts in his last two games plus the G-Wall intangibles that make him such a pleasure to watch) he has been sidelined for an undetermined amount of time after diving for a loose ball only to have lumberjack Jeff Foster fall on top of him and causing bruised ribs and a separated shoulder.

A visit to the Bonnell game recap at the Charlotte Observer tells the tale:

Thursday, December 28, 2006 

Grizz swap coaches

When u win 6 of your first 30 games u should get nervous and now at least for Fratello he can rest a little easier knowing that a decision has been made and that he has been let go becoming the first coaching casualty of the season.

The Grizzlies who just recently regained the services of their star player Pau Gasol still have major issues to deal with in struggling guards Damon Stoudamire and Eddie Jones but have loads of young potential just waiting for a shot at some playing time instead of the garbage minutes that Fratello was giving them.

Grizz press release concerning Fratello

Barone named interim head coach

McKee at the Grizz's MVN:

For Fratello however is it back to the broadcast booth or does he still feel the need to prove himself among the coaching ranks?


Leaves me wondering what CantheCzar.blogspot is gonna do now that his wish has been granted?


Losing taking its toll on the Nets

To some, the Nets have what might be one of the top trios in the league. However, the combination of Kidd, Jefferson and Carter is greatly underachieving and find themselves seven games under .500 with a winning percentage of .379 (a record of 11-18 with 4 losses in a row) in one of the weakest divisions in the NBA. Add to this fact that they have the 8th highest payroll in the league and you might get some explanations for as to why they are "scouring the NBDL and CBA for big men to help ease the pain of losing Nenad Krstic" (out for the season with a torn ACL). One could justly argue however that investing time and energy in a prospect is not the way to go for the Nets because never has coach Frank even had a tendency to place his trust in unproven players. Things are so bad in Jersey that Vince's former teammate and now analyst Mark Jacskson is quoted as saying:

"he should be benched for
"going through the motions"
and "being too passive"
at Milwaukee on Saturday night,
he didn't exactly disagree."

"That's fine. That's the truth,"
said Carter, "If you can't play motivated,
you're not helping the team.
You've got to put guys
on the court that are
getting the job done."

Barring a trade of one of the Big Three one cannot expect the Nets to improve dramatically leaving them few options and an even bleaker future.

The front office is gonna have to get imaginative.


Make sure to check out's Mannix and his take on the Nets and how it might be too late already.

Friday, December 22, 2006 

3manLift lists galore

Jack Cobra at has completed his list (top 5) in time for the holiday break:


Lakers not ready for a duo of Kwame and Bynum

A combination of Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum would surely scare their share of opposing frontcourts yet despite the injury to PF/SF Lamar Odom, head coach Phil Jackson is reluctant to play both big men at the same time under the pretext that they slow down the rest of the team.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 

After boxing day X-Mas comes early for Nugg fans

The Denver Nuggets seem to have the dates on their calendar mixed up somewhat and are treating their fans to an early Christmas present. Firstly last Saturday night they celebrated Boxing day way early in NYC and now Tuesday afternoon they opened their presents early and completed a trade that would be sending Joe Smith, Andre Miller and two first round picks to the Sixers for Allen Iverson and Ivan McFarlin

Skeets at the NBA Fanhouse:

"Billy King and the Sixers wanted
three things in return for Iverson:
talent, salary cap relief, and draft picks.
Amazingly, they got all three
-- a borderline All-Star in Miller,
Joe Smith and his $6.8 million
expiring contract,
and two first-round picks.
that's the problem right there.
What the Sixers should've done
was pick one or the other
and hone in on it.
Instead, King settled for
some half-ass combination
of the three and got burned.

FD's Shoals meshes the fight and the trade:

"it hinders any post-brawl attempts to hate.
And it's not just for the Nuggets.
This experiment
—believe, it is very much that—
has displaced the negativity
with a bough of fantasy."

then looks at the Nuggets' lineup:

"There is absolutely no way that,
once everyone's on hand,
this doesn't rival the Suns
for must-watchitude.
Swagger out of this world."

"this is Iverson's chance for redemption.
And part of me firmly believes
that his underdog complex
will kick in when he realizes
that this is his legacy right here."


Maggette wouldn't say no to a return to the Magic

According to Brain Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel, the Clippers' Corey Maggette:

"During the Magic's West Coast trip,
L.A. Clippers guard Corey Maggette
-- formerly of the Magic --
told us he'd be thrilled to return to Orlando.
Maggette has been the subject of trade rumors.
"Write a headline for me," Maggette said."

Firstly who do the Magic have to offer to the Clippers, would the Magic be willing to part with Turkoglu (+ a throw in if needed)? With Grant Hill on the downward slope of career (don't expect him to go anywhere), Maggette might fill his shoes nicely.

John at the gets the feeling that coach Dunleavy doesn't really kno how to use Maggette:


Penny practices for the Sonics

Penny Hardaway is still hanging around the NBA scene and practiced yesterday with the Seattle Supersonics. He remained courtside as the hometown Grizz won in double overtime.

"He was here and I have known him
since I coached him in Orlando.
We wanted to see him and we did.
It's just something for discussion."

"Hardaway has not officially retired
and worked out this past summer in Houston,
trying to pass word to NBA clubs
that he was healthier
than he had been in years."

(G. Washburn-SeattleP.I.)

With Ray Allen expected back on Saturday-home game against the Raptors (maybe), does Penny have any chance of sticking with the team or was this just a courtesy call?

The Sonics are 3-5 without the all-star guard, have an overall record of 10-16 and have lost 5 in a row.

Signing Penny would make sense if they were in the mix of things in their division or conference but his contribution to the team would be more along the lines of acting as an extension of the coaching staff on the floor and that would not necessarily be Penny's style and would be taking valuable minutes away from Seattle's young prospects (notably Gelabale who has the support of Sonics play-by-play man David Locke).

Sunday, December 17, 2006 

ten ejections

what can you say with just over a minute to go in the game between the visiting Nuggets and the Knicks a bench clearing brawl breaks out, spills into the stands and 10 players get ejected


Nugg Dr.'s take:

Henry Abbott's take:

Friedman's take

Seth's ( take

some AP quotes:

Saturday, December 16, 2006 

Brown ready for a delivery

PJ Brown wants out of Chi-town?

Now that his name has been mentioned in trade rumors (see Blog-A-Bull in a three way including PJ and Ai to Denver for Camby sending Miller & co. to Philly). PJ has come out and requested to be traded. Brown has been a model of consistency throughout his career and when given solid minutes he has averaged just under a double/double. A solid player who won't necessarily make the highlight reels he is loved by his coaches but has been hobbled somewhat by plantar fasciitis (who hasn't) this season and is averaging just 16.5 minutes per game.

Friday, December 15, 2006 

add another item to the shopping list

Spending most of his time on the bench Corey Maggette is not having his best season.

So it's no surprise that the Clippers are shopping him around.

Wasn't aware of this but Chris Clarke at MVN's EOTB mentions that Corey's agent has asked for a trade

Until something happens you can always keep an eye on


O'Brien on Ai at ESPN's daily dime

Jim O'Brien was Iverson's coach in 04-05.

Oddly enough he has only good things to say about him

Read it here

Thursday, December 14, 2006 

Best coverage of Ai situation

Gotta give props to Atma and the team at GSOM for their coverage of the Ai marathon (yes we are coming up on a week of activity)

Runner-up Celticsblog

ahhhh who will get credit if any for breaking the news first

(are they waiting for the Dec 15h trade restriction deadline on trading away new contracts to expire?)

I just kno that i'm hoping there are even bigger transactions to come
(not that implausible if the balance of power shifts ever so slightly)


NBA salary report by

Si has a blog now

this is getting confusing (do they really need one?)

oh well welcome aboard

first post (i'm guessing) is the NBA salary report by Mike McAllister

Go here


the latest time waster for sports fans-PROTRADE

the latest time waster for sports fans

PROTRADE-the sports stock market

Professional athletes (MLB/NBA/NFL...NCAABcoming soon) are traded as stocks on the market and placed in a portfolio:

Points 0.025 (40pts = $1)
Rebounds 0.07
Assists 0.09
Blocks 0.28
Steals 0.33
3-pt made 0.245
FG made 0.17
FG missed -0.14
FT made 0.115
FT missed -0.34

The best part of Protrader is that your stocks fluctuate with live stats based on the demand of those players, you make "money" based on the players movement on the market. If a player is "hot" his stock rises and its up to the buyer to anticipate market fluctuations via matchups, injuries, trades etc...

Have fun...


Wilbon loks at the Suns

Wilbon looks at the Suns

and really doesn't say much at all at least not anything we haven't heard already but he does get some nice quotes from players

read the whole thing here

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